Exceptional haulage, everywhere

Exceptional haulage, everywhere

Available in a 3-axle configuration or the highly customised 8x8 version, Astra vehicles offer power and robustness in any transportation conditions. They are suitable for the dual-use of half-trailers or trailers with fixed ballasts via twist lock, equipped with rear tow hook and fifth wheel.


820 mm wide, unique heavy duty chassis Two straight and parallel side members in high resistance (up to 300 kNm) special steel with a tensile strength of 530 Mpa with large sections: 3-axle HD9 and HHD9 320x90x10 4-axle HHD9 320x90x10(+6mm) to ensure a high level of torsional stiffness and high stability even in the most extreme situations.

Heavy loads up to 10 tons thanks to reinforced front drive axles and axles for the most arduous off-road use (routes with slopes or heavy loads concentrated on the front of the vehicle). Closed ring structure of the rear suspension (“power ring”), made up of cast iron carriage shoulders and a lower cross member (Astra patented).

Loads up to 16 tons for rear axle and up to 20 tons for special versions with standard or maximum width up to 2.9 m, with standard reinforcement suspension.

Heavy duty fifth wheel for the heaviest loads (up to 50 tons of load on the fifth wheel).

Maximum load on rear tandem of up to 40 tons and GVW beyond 60 tons thanks to the reinforced rear tandem on both the standard HD9 version (2.5 m) and the HHD9 version (2.9 m).

Tow hooks for loads up to 250 tons.


High performance, 13 litre Cursor engines with increased maximum torque and power: Euro III – maximum power of 540 hp (397 kW) @ 1900 rpm with variable geometry turbine (VGT). Maximum torque of 2.3250 Nm from 1000 to 1690 rpm. Euro V and Euro VI – maximum power of 560 hp (412 kW) @ 1900 rpm with VGT. Maximum torque of 2500 Nm from 900 to 1575 rpm.

Manual gearboxes with torque converter or fully automatic gearboxes able to support total loads in excess of 250 tons. The torque converter means the vehicle can easily tackle particularly arduous slopes and terrains, using the highly flexible coupling between the engine and the gearbox and can preserve the life of components.

Engine brake power Iveco Turbo Brake (ITB) on Euro III and Euro V 402 hp (300 kW) @ 1900 rpm. Iveco Super Engine Brake (SEB) on Euro VI 630 hp (463 kW) @ 1900 rpm +50%* braking power compared to previous versions

Additional cooling systems for engine and gearbox


"C-section" chassis with flat, parallel elements Simple mechanical architecture Simple electronic architecture with no control unit on the chassis frame

Wide choice of wheelbases and overhangs:

Wheelbase up to 5100 mm with 1900 mm overhang for 3 axles on chassis version.
Wheelbase up to 4100 mm with 800 mm overhang for 3 axles on tractor version.
Wheelbase up to 6960 mm with 2100 mm overhang for 4.

Possibility to install different types of arctic kits depending on the customer needs.

Easy customisation of all types of tyre