Extreme by nature

A new definition that projects our history into a future made of safety, reliability and performance.

Since its foundation in 1946, ASTRA has been building strong, reliable and versatile vehicles, going well beyond the customers’ most demanding expectations.

Because ASTRA and its vehicles belong to a species of their own. They were born and raised to live and thrive in hostile environments, were there are no roads and no comforts, and to get the job done. 

Going to the extreme is part of ASTRA’s history and legacy. Every vehicle is designed and built to tackle impossible missions and conditions, and proudly carries with it the mark of excellence and experience.

Thanks to their commanding dimensions, oversized components and heavy-duty, high quality built, ASTRA trucks are the most reliable and versatile solution when the going gets tough.

When the nature of your work is extreme, ASTRA is the answer.