ASTRA was established in 1946 for the civil conversion of war surplus equipment.

In 1951 it moved from Cagliari to Piacenza, where the first original ASTRA construction and quarry vehicle was developed: the BMI dumper (1956).

In the following ten years the product range was widened with more dumper models and the production of special frames for concrete-mixing transport trucks.


In 1965, ASTRA expands its manufacturing capability by moving into the current industrial site.

New models are launched since in order to satisfy new missions: BM12, BM16, BM18, BM19, BM20, BM21, BM22, BM25 and the BM35 dumper.

In 1970 ASTRA starts the design of the BE8440 and BE10660 frames for mobile cranes.

In 1982 the new 300 Series is introduced, and in 1984 the dumper range is renewed with the launch of the BM501 – first model with choice between automatic and mechanic gearbox.

In the same year, ASTRA participates to the Paris-Dakar rally with its BM309.


In 1986, ASTRA is acquired by IVECO.

In 1989 the 6000 Series is presented, technologically improved and equipped with a fiberglass cabin.

In 1994, the BM Series naming is changed: the vehicle line is now called HD (Heavy Duty).


In 1996, ASTRA turns 50.

The Company launches the HD7 Series – available in an extra-wide range: 2, 3 and 4 axles, permanent multiple-wheel drive up to 8×8, engine power up to 520 hp.

In 1999, the offer is further extended with the 28t and 40t dumpers and a new automated-gearbox on construction / quarry trucks.


2000 is the year of the new HD7/C equipped with IVECO CURSOR engines. In the same period the ADT articulated dumper is also introduced in two versions, 25t and 30t

In 2003, Astra acquires SIVI an extra heavy vehicles company, transporting up to 540 tonnes. SIVI had been a partner of Iveco since 1982.

In 2004, the articulated dumper offer is enlarged with the all-new ADT35 and ADT40 models – that adopt leading-edge, patented solutions and provide best-in-class performance with their IVECO CURSOR 13 engines.

In 2005 ASTRA launches the new HD8 range, enriched in 2008 with new cabin suspension to further improve comfort and productivity.

In 2008 the HHD (Heavy Heavy Duty) special version is introduced for particularly demanding missions. In the same year, the RD50 completes the rigid dumper range.

The electric/electronic architecture is renewed on articulated dumpers, and a new front suspension system is introduced on the ADT25 and ADT30 models.

2011 sees the launch of the new HD9, that adds to its traditional strengths (such as frame and cabin suspension adjustable in pre-loading) important improvements to powertrain and to the hydraulic and electrical circuits.

In line with the ultra-heavy mission of the vehicle, the HD9 fiberglass cabin is replaced with a steel cabin.

In November 2012, CNH Industrial merges all “capital goods” activities of IVECO, FPT Industrial and CNH, so creating a world leader in truck & bus, heavy-duty powertrain, agriculture and construction equipment.

In 2016, ASTRA launches the new HD9/HHD9 Dumper version with a GVW of over 60 ton ideal for the mining sector. The technical solutions adopted on this model, among which reinforced axles and suspension system and a heavy duty reinforced frame, contribute to increase the robustness and the durability of the product, thus enhancing productivity.